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Through a monthly support you help us cultivate emotional well-being.


Our goal is to put together a collage with the photographs of our donors and thus fill the tree with color. It is a symbolic representation of the support they give us.

How can you be a part?

1. Choose your membership:

  • Individual: for $ 6 dollars per month we will include a photograph of you in the collage.

  • Family: for $20 dollars per month we will include up to four photographs in the collage.

  • Company: for $74 dollars per month we will include up to six photographs (they may be different or the same) in the collage.

2. Make your contribution:

Via deposit or transfer to:


Pensamiento, Palabra y Acción en Movimiento, A.C.

Account number: 622124629

CLABE 072180006221246294

3. Send to your receipt of payment along with the following information:

  • Full name 

  • Photos for the collage (in good quality)

  • Birthday

  • City, State and Country


If you require a deductible receipt for donations, include RFC and fiscal info.

For more info you can write to:

or dial 55639096. 

Estrategia 1 - membresias-06.jpg

Thank you to our current members:

  1. Name

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